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What's next?

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I used to hate change. When I was a kid, I was the last one to take off my “Jams” shorts and my “Air Jordan” Hightop shoes. I walked around in those bad boys for waaay too long. I had the same hair style for my entire grade school experience. By the time I gave in and started listening to certain kinds of music, it always happened that that artist was no longer cool. I wore baggy jeans when they were supposed to be tight and tight jeans when they were supposed to be baggy. My childhood was a bit “difficult” because of it! But that was a blessing in disguise because it taught me to be adaptable and to look for changes as they happened, not after they happened.

As a business owner, no matter what you throw at me or take away from me, I’m ok with it because I can adapt. Some people want to pretend things like cell phones, the internet and social media will just go away. Guess what? They aren’t going anywhere. In fact, things are going to change even quicker. In my business, I always embrace that change so that I can be the best advisor to you as possible. I always look to be the FIRST to know what’s next in a never ending game of trying to bring as much value to you as possible.

So here is what is next: it’s time you and I embrace Social Media for its power to help you in your financial world. I want to be really clear about what I am about to say: I can’t imagine a world where you and I are not engaging on a one to one level regarding your personal financial planning. But it shouldn’t stop there. My team and I are 100% committed to using Social Media as an extension of me to help deliver more to you. My commitment is that I will not use content or videos that I did not create personally. My agenda is that by allowing you to consume content and videos (in addition to all that we do face to face) in a social media setting, you will be able to participate either directly or by just observing in an online community where people are asking the same questions and dealing with the same difficulties you may be dealing with. This pack of people will naturally help to reinforce and remind you of the work we are doing together.

Social Media is here to stay. I refuse to operate like other financial advisors out there where they either ignore it or disrespect it by posting someone else's content as their own. I have been spending many of my evenings creating a world for you to go online and engage with me and others. For some of you this will be a natural extension of your current Social Media experience. For others this will seem odd. For all of you, your children and grandchildren are already in a Social Media world and now you can have your kids learn the valuable lessons you know they should learn while doing it in an environment where they already feel comfortable.

Please take the time to go to my Facebook page which is Joe DeLisi, Financial Advisor. By "liking" the page, you will be notified of blog posts, videos, and educational pieces that I think are valuable for you and your family. This is 100% original content that comes directly from me (unless otherwise stated). Please provide feedback, ask questions, and engage in anyway you feel comfortable.

The information contained in this material was based on information that was current prior to the expiration date. This historical material should be used as a reference only and may not be indicative of current circumstances or facts.

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