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Now Hiring Blackjack Players

Updated: 4 hours ago

Job Description:

I am looking for a team player with strong analytic, mathematic and research skills. Your daily responsibilities are to attend to my every need at a casino blackjack table. Specifically I will need the applicant to be able to tell me when to hit, stand, surrender, double down, split etc. Your advanced application of mathematics and your extensive research capabilities will be relied on to make sure that I always beat the house. Of course you should be strong on predicting the future and weak on providing any excuses. I will provide the capital, you will provide the fortune telling.

For almost two decades now I have been told story after story from clients who believe that an advisor is capable of knowing the future. Why would they think this? It would be amazing if it was possible, but it would also be amazing if I could hire the perfect blackjack player. I would never lose money! However if that blackjack player existed they would certainly not be looking to be hired by anyone. The same is true in the world of personal finance. If any advisor, stockbroker, mutual fund manager, etc. actually knew how the future would unfold, they wouldn’t be available for a client to hire!

While it is true that an advisor may have more experience financial professionals do not know when the markets will go up or down. We don’t know when GDP will pick up or slow down. We don’t know when the recession will hit or how it will impact your portfolio. Just as an experienced blackjack player may have more experience and may know the game better than a novice player, the experienced player still has no real clue a to what card comes out next.

Stop hiring “black jack players”. Look for financial professionals who can help you with the most important things in your financial world. Wondering what the “most important” things are? Call me! My team and I are in business to make sure you are living up to your financial potential!

The information contained in this material was based on information that was current prior to the expiration date. This historical material should be used as a reference only and may not be indicative of current circumstances or facts.

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